Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Texas Tune Time

Enjoying the minutes.
Enjoying the coffee.
Enjoying feeling like this moment is all mine.

While I enjoy, I also want to bring you up to speed with everything "La Jeder"!

La Jeder is joining forces with Biking Viking Promotions.

What does this mean, you ask. Well evidence is seen in the fact that our June has been filled with shows in my new home Denton, TX.

I spent a Saturday morning singing at Denton's Community Market. I absolutely love this market. So much good, so much health, so much of the community that has their hands directly in their work and lifestyle. Just a beautiful picture of the sweetness in this town.

I spent a Friday night at Banter. What a great show! What a great space! So many people that have been making appearances in the life we are building here were there to support and listen. Felt very encouraged afterwards.

I spent another Friday night singing at the new Simone Lounge. Loved being a part of such a great local musician-filled night. That night led to an impromptu set at the Simone Lounge the following night to support a benefit for the local Armadillo Brewery. So good!

Biking Vikings Productions has added even more to our show list with the following dates coming up in Texas:

July 21  White Rock Coffee  Dallas, TX

July 23  Banter                      Denton, TX

July 29  Bodega Bean           Belton, TX

July 30  Salado Winery         Salado, TX

July has become a month filled with Texas and tunes...

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

And so, this is April...

April is here. April is almost over. It smells of Spring...you know, that smell of new--of things coming to life. Blooms bursting forth from still slightly bare branches. Tender sprouts stretching for the sky as they start peering out from the dirt. The intoxicating smell of freshly cut grass mowed just before yards are overtaken with weeds. And, an extra perk for Texas dwellers--bluebonnets. They are beautiful and rare. Bravo, Texas, well done on your choice for state flower. And yet, they are already beginning to bow out. Their life-span is of about a month, it seems. I take a foto of them each time I run across them. I just want to soak them all up while I can.

I want to say "speaking of bluebonnets"...but that makes no sense...so I'll make a less subtle transition. My main purpose for this note: the time has come. I made a record...in October...in Nashville. And I've been working towards releasing it...slowly...ever so slowly. :) My journey has been...peppered with yield signs.

The record is titled "Rusty Words". 8 songs/stories are in English. 2 are in Spanish. It's a first attempt at documenting a piece of me. A first attempt at trying to express all the oddly integral and seemingly opposite things that make up a small portion of what I've experienced and put those things into a melody and into..well let's just call them "rusty words". You try and try but words can't always encompass a life, an experience, or even a mere moment very well.

I believe in miracles. I believe that God is bigger than all the dreams I can muster up for myself and so are His dreams for each one of us. With that in mind, I am dreaming up May 15th as the day "Rusty Words" will be available so that you too can hold a piece of my heart tangibly in your hands and join me as I begin this new approach to my musical journey. Regardless of whether that date arrives and my dream calendar date becomes reality or not, I'll make the title track available for a listen very soon and the rest will follow in their entirety soon.

I'm blessed with incredibly talented friends(to be specific Antonio, Elliot, Katie, Rozabelle, and Jorge) who are a huge part of making this happen and are working diligently with me to make this a reality.

Gah, I am one lucky girl.

Stay tuned... I owe you more details and will supply them soon!